Concrete Leveling in Vaughan

Allow MaConcrete Floors to help with our innovative and methodical cement leveling techniques and solutions. Our methods are affordable and non-destructive, making them as hassle-free and beneficial to you as possible.

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Lasting Concrete Repair Solutions with MaConcrete Floors

Concrete raising is an economical and effective way to level out concrete surfaces without needing to replace them entirely. All concrete surfaces will eventually sink or crack over time due to the aging process. This doesn’t mean that they are beyond repair. By filling the voids under concrete surfaces, we make it fast and affordable to level out uneven surfaces.

Our concrete lifting methods include:

  • Mud Jacking: Mud jacking involves drilling a series of holes into your concrete slab to fill voids in the foundation below the surface. This method is the most traditional technique used to level out concrete surfaces but can be rather messy if not done properly.
  • Foam Leveling: By injecting a polymer-expanding foam into small holes, foam leveling causes the concrete surface to lift and level itself out. The size of the hole required for this method is much smaller and cures much more quickly, promising near-immediate results.

Residential Concrete Foundation Repairs

Fast, Affordable, Dependable

Our concrete leveling services are ideal for foundations, concrete floors, and other surfaces around your home. By repairing these damages quickly, we help you mitigate potential risks while improving the structural integrity of your home.

The best part though of repairing your concrete is that it is much more cost-effective than replacing it. We promise high-value solutions that help you save money, improve your home’s condition, and maximize your property’s worth. Expect no less than the best from our team.

The Commercial Concrete Leveling Experts

Whether you have a commercial or industrial property, we are here to help with your concrete repair needs. Raising your concrete surfaces costs a fraction of the price of replacing it and is a simple solution to those uneven driveways, walkways, and workshop floors. It will quickly reduce further damage to your concrete, and it will also improve the overall look of your business.

The stability of any concrete structure depends on the foundation and soil that lies beneath it. The weight itself of the concrete and the pressure added to it from traffic and heavy objects can cause it to be sunken in and uneven. By choosing us, you stand to benefit considerably, as we have the skill and expertise to ensure your property remains safe for the future. Our expertise ensures we catch the warning signs of any sinking concrete. We can then work with you to develop a long-term, permanent solution that protects your business interests.

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Our commitment to quality foundation repair services allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. We understand our clients’ need for budget-friendly options, and we strive to deliver cost-effective solutions for every job we undertake.

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